We take safety and cleanliness very seriously.  All our instruments are sterilized after each use, our inks are brought in special from one of the world’s leading ink manufacturers, and every needle comes pre-wrapped and sterilized.  Every area of our shop is cleaned and sterilized immediately after use.  We not only take great pride in our artistry, we pride ourselves in our environment that we tattoo in.  Come in to our shop to see for yourself.

Our profession is regulated by the State.  There are forms to fill out and rules to follow, both to be tattooed and standards that are required for sterilization and cleanliness.  Our shop has always gone above and beyond these standards. 

We have some very strict rules for our shop to ensure that each tattoo is done in the cleanest environment possible.  Our artists are held to the very highest in standards in cleanliness and we ask our clients to follow the same rules for their own safety.

Outside Food and Drinks are not allowed past the waiting area located in the front of the shop.  We ask that our tattoo clients have a bite to eat prior to your appointment (it’s no fun to be tattooed when hungry!)  Water is provided to our clients upon request, and we have a water fountain and cups available located near the front desk. 

Our tattoo clients can have breaks as needed.  To protect against infections, we will wrap your tattoo-in-progress prior to getting up from the chair.  This protective wrap should not be removed under any circumstances except by your artist.  When your tattoo is finished, our artists will again wrap your new tattoo and give you detailed instructions for cleaning and care of it.  If you follow your artist’s after care instructions, you can expect your tattoo to heal properly and be vibrant for years to come.

Just as a reminder, hand washing is extremely important, please remember to wash your hands after using the washroom.

While we will completely disinfect the entire area of the skin getting tattooed, it never hurts to come in freshly showered. (and after all, a shower just helps to get the day started off on a positive note, right?)  Just avoid lotions in the area that is to be tattooed. 

We know it’s been said on another page, but it can’t be emphasized enough – do not take any over-the-counter pain medications prior to coming in (aspirin, ibuprofen, tylenol, alcohol, etc).  Most likely they won’t help during the tattoo and they will increase bleeding during and after the tattoo.  It’s best to let your body naturally do what it does for healing.

If you ever have questions about your tattoo or our shop health and safety rules, please ask.  The only dumb question is the one that isn’t asked.