While Alex is adept at creating any style of tattoos, he really enjoys Traditional, Oriental and Floral style tattoos.  He can create masterpieces of your imagination, whether it’s black and grey or full color.   His interest in tattoos started at a young age.  While most children are busy coloring in coloring books, Alex would design his own creations and spend hours coloring them in, unknowingly practicing his intricate linework and colorful shading well before his adventure in the tattoo arts began.

Alex did his apprenticeship in the northwest suburbs starting in 2008, which is where the unrealized mastery in coloring from his early years took shape.  For the next year he worked hard to learn proper techniques for both creating artwork and placing it on the difficult canvass of the human body.  After his apprenticeship, he joined a tattoo studio and has been tattooing professionally for 9 years.  In 2014, he joined the team at Vanity Tattoo and has worked there as both a tattoo artist and a professional body piercer.

Alex isn’t just a tattoo artist, his skills with the pen have also lead him to enjoy a more rustic hobby – woodworking and restoration.  He brings his eclectic creativity to bear to restore old worn down antique furnishings.  It’s all part of the craft however, as both forms of artistry reinforce the skills needed to ensure his clients receive the best.

When asked, Alex has this advice for people seeking their first tattoo: Speaking with others about their tattoo experience can give you insight about the process, but it shouldn’t be used to replace your ideas and desires.  Getting a tattoo is intensely personal, take the time to find the right design.  Whatever you chose and where you want it should be a true expression of who and what you are.  And only you know what that is.  After all – this will be with you for the rest of your life.


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