Some of my best memories growing up are rooted in my Dad’s shop.  Around age 6 I started spending time in the shop, watching my Dad and picking up tricks and hints from the artists that worked in the shop.  Most kids that age wanted to be astronauts or police officers, I wanted to be a tattoo artist.

In 2007 I started my tattoo apprenticeship under my father John, learning the technical and artist aspects of the trade.  In 2008 I earned a chair at Vanity and have been here since, working alongside great artists.  I’ve learned during my 10 years as a tattoo artist that every style of tattoo art is special, and I enjoy them all equally.  I’m also one of the shop’s professional piercers.

Every artist has a different take on getting a first-time tattoo.  A common question is “does it hurt?”  The answer is yes.  They all hurt to an extent, but you’ll be fine.  I always tell my clients, “think before you ink.”  Be sure that what you are getting is meaningful to you – you’ll love it when I’m done, but it’s going to be there forever.

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