Punk Rock, Skateboarding and Tattoos!

My great grand pappy was a tattooist and Carnival man who rode the sideshow circuit with the likes of Wild Bill. A legacy of Americana and tattoo life-style was forged as my roadmap for generations before me. The fact that I was born into an artistic rumination and fascinated with tattooing from an early age almost goes without saying. I tell people when they ask how I got into tattooing that I have an art background but the fact that I went to college for visual arts and participated in fine art gallery scenes for many years it's not precisely what I mean to convey to them; Talking more about my need to make things and my Intrigue for creativity of all kinds. Artistry and craftsmanship led me to tattooing. Completing a kind of familial arc through a life's work.
I grew up in Elgin Illinois and have lived here and there in various far away places throughout the years but Vanity tattoo in Carpentersville Illinois is where I call home. I enjoy tattooing in all the styles you'd like, but American Traditional is always out front in my work. I respect the need for a ageless design in a tattoo. I want my work to look strong with bold outlines and bright colors. These qualities make tattoos that last. Tattoos that your own grandchildren will look at one day and bring a picture back to the shop saying "give me the tattoo my gramps had." Fads come and go. I like tattoos that look like Tattoos. Thank you!
"Reason #7 For Not Getting a Tattoo: People will know you are running your own life, instead of listening to them!"
     -Norman Keith "Sailor Jerry" Collins
Jeff Stoltz can be found on Instagram at:  @thejeffstoltz
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